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Who we are

HP TRONIC is a Czech company with a thirty year history and has a leading position in the consumer electronics and household appliances market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. HP  TRONIC is proud to have DATART and Eta in its portfolio. The company also focuses on tourism and gastronomy, managing the Valachy Resort in Velké Karlovice and Bistrotéka Valachy in Zlín. HP TRONIC currently has over 3,000 employees. 

“Company about people and for people”


  • H&P ELECTRONIC is founded by Milan Hradil on the 1st of August 1990
  • first shop on Kvítková street, later another shop on Školní street in Zlín
  • warehouse based in a garage in Příluky
  • first MILLION CZK of sales gained in a single month
  • exclusive representation of the brand Moulinex helped kickstart wholesale
  • Company is renamed to HP TRONIC
  • first MILION CZK of sales gained in a single week
  • FIRST wholesale warehouses
  • 5 warehouses in Czech Republic, 1 warehouse in Slovakia  
  • First MILLION CZK of sales gained in a single day
  • Attended the BVV Exhibition in Brno for the first time
  • expansion to the nation’s capital – opening a wholesale store in Prague
  • first 100 employees
  • company starts to focus on TOURISM
  • purchase and reconstruction of hotels Horal, Galik and Lanterna
  • first leaflet PROTON which was distributed for the first time to households across Moravia
  • first BILLION CZK of sales gained in a single year 
  • Establishment of the EURONICS CZ retail chain
  • the founder of the company, Milan Hradil, passed away at age 45 on the 7th of September 1999
  • turnover of 2 BILLION CZK
  • THE FIRST EURONICS television advert aired to Czech households
  • Launch of HP ONLINE (wholesale e-shop) granting a huge advantage over the competition
  • 300 employees
  • started selling own brands of electronics
  • Launched eProton e-shop
  • relocation of warehouse to the new site in Plané nad Lužnicí
  • 1st huge billboard campaign for EURONICS and PROTON
  • 1st attendance at the Import exposition/trade show at Collective Center in Zlín
  • rebranding Valachy Resort – re-design of logo
  • builds the Razula Ski Resort in Velké Karlovice
  • Establishment of the customer center
  • Development of the department for import and imported brands 
  • obtains internet address www.proton.cz
  • prints and distributes 4.5 million PROTON leaflets
  • Opening of the new central warehouse in Týniště nad Orlicí 
  • turnover of 5 BILLION CZK
  • 500 employees
  • Reconstruction of  Spa Hotel Lanterna**** 
  • turnover of 6 BILLION CZK
  • 650 employees
  • Further reconstruction of Wellness Hotel Horal***+
  • Conversion to the enterprise resource planning system software SAP
  • 1st year of Karlovský gastrofestival in Velké Karlovice
  • 1,000 employees
  • ETA becomes part of HP TRONIC and launches it’s first mixer ETA Gratus
  • ETA begins offering a prolonged guarantee for 3, 5 and 10 years
  • 1st SEASON of VALACHY TOUR SERIES – a unique series of competitions in various events for sportsmen of any age and fitness in Velké Karlovice  
  • Tomáš Blabla, CEO of Resort Valachy, wins the prestigious award Hotelier of the Year  
  • Launch of products of private brands onto main European market 
  • turnover of 7.5 BILLION CZK
  • ETA Gratus becomes the bestseller on the Czech market for the 4th time 
  • Daniel Večeřa, CEO of HP TRONIC, wins Czech Business Personality Award 2015 
  • turnover of more than 9 BILLION CZK per year
  • 1st SEASON of A WEEK FULL OF CULTURE IN WALLACHIA  in Velké Karlovice – series of theatre performances in a circus tent
  • DATART becomes part of HP TRONIC group
  • builds and opens the most modern warehouse in Czech Republic, in Jirny, Prague
  • fusion of company DATART INTERNATIONAL, Inc. and HP TRONIC Zlín, Ltd.
  • ETA celebrates 75th anniversary and launches the new designed vintage series ETA STORIO
  • 10th season of Karlovský gastrofestival reaches 40 000 guests
  • DATART wins an award in the 9th season of the competition Shop of the Year 2017 in the electronics category
  • Bistrotéka Valachy and Bar 1931 open in Zlín
  • Company headquarters moves to Obchodní dům Zlín and its reconstruction wins the award for Building of the Year 2018 in Zlín region
  • 148 stores
  • Turnover 16 BILLION CZK
  • 2 743 employees
  • 20 years since the passing of Mr. Milan Hradil
  • 30th anniversary of HP TRONIC
  • turnover of 21 BILLION CZK
  • 2 900 employees