DATART and ETA are still the Most Trusted Brands

Petra Psotková, Press spokesperson of DATART

The brands of the HP TRONIC group have once again confirmed their high reputation in the eyes of customers. In the traditional Most Trusted Brand 2023 poll, DATART dominated the Electrical Dealers category for the fourth time. ETA then defended its first place in the category of Small Household Appliances for the eighth time. The manager of the DATART store concept Jan Horák and the sales manager for ETA Daniel Nový accepted this prestigious award in Prague on Thursday, November 9th at a gala evening in the premises of the Czech National Bank.

Four thousand consumers took part in the survey, rating over 800 brands in 94 categories. The ninth year of the survey was organized by ATOZ Marketing Services in cooperation with the research agency NIQ.

„The award is very much appreciated, especially in today’s unstable time. We are glad that it is the consumers who rate DATART’s trustworthiness so highly. This confirms to us that our long-term approach with a clear orientation to the customer and fulfilling their needs is correct. The award is also an obligation for us to defend the trust placed in us and to continue to improve our services,“ says Daniel Večeřa, CEO of the HP TRONIC Group.

Customer satisfaction with the products and services offered is an area on which DATART has been focusing very carefully for a long time. Using sophisticated automated systems, it is monitored in detail and evaluated on a daily basis.

“We are incredibly happy that our customers appreciate us, and we believe that even with the introduction of new ‘marketplace’ sales formats on the Czech market, where practically anyone can be a seller, we are a trustworthy, clear, and legible seller for the customer, who has defined procedures and rules. The customer can always turn to us in case of problems and they will not get ‘burnt,’ both when buying small accessories and when buying expensive household appliances. It is apparent that DATART is currently benefiting from customer loyalty – both in the online marketplace and stores, where consumers come more often and value quality, reliability, advice, and well-adjusted services. This is then reflected in the strengthening of trust in the brand and the values it represents. This is also why we value the trust expressed by our customers in the form of this award,” comments František Mikoška, Sales and Marketing Director of DATART.

The ETA brand defended its title as the most trusted brand in the category of Small Household Appliances for the eight time. They have proudly held this position since 2016!

“The number Eight has accompanied the ETA brand throughout this year. It is celebrating its 80th birthday, so the award in the Most Trusted Brand 2023 category is actually an award for every decade ETA has been on the Czech market. I had the honor of receiving this award for the ETA brand at the gala evening in Prague for the eighth time in a row. It is an amazing feeling! We value it very much because we obtained it based on feedback from our customers. We owe everyone a big thank you and at the same time our commitment that we will do our best for them in the coming years, decades…,” adds Daniel Nový, Sales Director of ETA.